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If you are a human at conception why is it not murder when you absorb your sibling?

Masturbation murders thousands.

A baby is a person.
An embryo could become a baby so it must be a person.
A zygote could become an embryo which could become a baby so it must be a person.
A sperm and egg could become a zygote which could become an embryo which could become a baby so it must be a person.
Sperm are people. Eggs are people.
Therefore male masturbation, female periods, birth control, and menopause are all murder.



I FINALLY GOT THE JOB!!!! About freaking time! This is AWESOMESAUCE!!! I start on Monday... YIPPEEE!!!!!!


Dungeons and Dragons--Online

Okay, so as you guys have read, I have been just a little absorbed by DDO as of late. Well, now I have some ranting to do. First of all, hirelings and their intelligence, or should I say lack of it. As shown below...

So in this game I play a rogue, this is something I have to deal with everyday...IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

Speaking of rogues and other characters, has anybody ever wondered why a little ol'rogue with a weak strength of 12 could carry 850 pounds let alone move? Well, this dwarf did and spoke up too.

Now, thanks for reading and possibly laughing. Here is one last one for you.

Also, I am really sorry for not being on much on the weekend, the computer usually has dibs on it from Friday night to Sunday night lol.


Another Magical Day

Got writer's block on this end, but here are some funny pictures :-)

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PS Visited everyone and looked at stuff, just didn't comment anything today, kind of busy in other ways.


Not much to say...

I don't have much to say today except I may as well look for another job. I am now on a stupid hold list this is B.S. I found out abut an hour after my last post. CRAP!


What happened was...

Okay, so I finally got a call back from that job interview. Bad news is, they froze the positions in the area that I wanted to get into. The good news is that they do want me to work for them in their other area. I just have to go to a third second interview this Friday. I have never had to do so many interviews for one job before lol. I am going to definitely have to stay at this one for quite a while to make it worth it lol. I think I would anyway. It's got the best pay and best benefits I have ever had. For Delphinium, I am really sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you have good memories to keep forever. For any who may know, is it true that if I put ash on the ground, will it keep things from growing there? Supporting all my followers back, and all those I follow daily, would appreciate the support back.


Magic and DDO

I am turning into the biggest dork lol. It is all my boyfriend's fault. First he got me playing Magic; The Gathering the card game. I got hooked. Although, his decks are most evil. I have seen him play a bunch of people and none of them have won. Until last week I had been using his decks against him. It is about a 50/50 winning ratio. I decided that I wanted to make my own deck. He did help me so I wasn't completely lost on it. I was able to beat him with it. I have come to the conclusion that even though I haven't played that long, and I get really frustrated playing him, that I would probably have fun playing somebody else. Now he has me playing DDO, which for those who may not know who what it is, is Dungeons and Dragons online. It is actually really fun too. Now, he said that he is going to get it so that we because VIP players, which is essentially pay to play peoples. I am a rogue in the game, and it is actually really fun. Now, if I could only get people to start heeding my "danger danger danger" warning and stop dying in traps...



Not in a very good mood right now...I still haven't heard from them. I am going to call them a million times tomorrow I think.



Monarch Butterfly

Okay, So I just got done hiking with the b/f. I am exhausted. Just wanted to show you guys the little guy that I happened upon. Don't worry, wasn't too exhausted to support all that support me :-)


Just watch. This really ticks me off about people who come to this country for a better life. This especially hits home, well because this IS home for me. I have since moved, but things have changed so much I just wish I could hit all involved upside the head with a heavy sharp object to knock some sense into their brains.

P.S for any of those following, I will find out Monday if I for sure have the job or not. I will let you know then :-)



Okay. So I have an interview tomorrow. No big deal right? Wrong! You see I need this job. Not for money really, well yeah for money of course. The biggest reason though is if I don't get it I will end up going crazy. I just moved to a really tiny town a couple weeks ago and don't know what to do with myself. Also, I almost lost the chance. Being as with no job, I also currently have no phone. So my boyfriend's phone was the contact number. He inconveniently forgot to tell me a message of me having a interview last week. I must have made a really good impression though because the hiring interviewer decided to give me a second chance for a second interview tomorrow. Wish me luck :-)


Okay so probably not what anybody else would consider an explosion, but it certainly scared the crap out of me. So here's the story. I was just being nice, and offered to mow the lawn. I found out that they have a riding lawn mower. Sweetness is what I thought until I ran out of gas. So I found a gas can next to where the lawnmower is kept. Using what I thought was common sense, I figured that this had to be the stuff to use. Boy was I wrong. I fill the tank up with the gas (and yes I smelled it to make sure it was gas). Well anyway I start it back up and don't go more than five feet before the thing starts popping and smoking like crazy! First thing I do is turn the thing off. But it is continuing to run! It starting popping even louder and smoking even more. So, thinking the thing is going explode any minute on me, I gather up enough courage to pull it out into the street. It finally calmed down and I pushed it back into the yard. Later when my bf came home I told him the story. He laughed at me thinking it was exploding and then laughed at me even more because apparently I had used diesel instead of regular. Boy do I feel like a fool. So does anybody else have embarrassing mistakes they want to share?



Okay, so I just got off of facebook. I can't believe I am so addicted to that site. It isn't like the background is awesome. The chat function likes to freeze my computer. The games all like to go as slow as computerly possible; and I don't have a slow computer. I think it is the fact that I can keep in touch with my friends without having to work so hard. This is truly a battle of what is the lesser evil.

An Accident....

This afternoon there was an accident. There was so much blood everywhere. I can't believe I didn't see the poor creature. I can't believe the poor thing didn't even attempt to get out of the way. It just sat there as I daydreaming, ran it over. I was just going along my merry way doing the job I was assigned to do and KABLAM! Blood and guts fly everywhere. It was really a most horrific sight. I am the one that is going to have to clean the mess up tomorrow too. Hopefully the rain will wash most of it away. I have a feeling I am going to have to take some things apart to get to all the gruesomeness. Well I better get to sleep if I want to get it cleaned up before the neighbors see it when they head off to work and call the cops for a murder.