Okay so probably not what anybody else would consider an explosion, but it certainly scared the crap out of me. So here's the story. I was just being nice, and offered to mow the lawn. I found out that they have a riding lawn mower. Sweetness is what I thought until I ran out of gas. So I found a gas can next to where the lawnmower is kept. Using what I thought was common sense, I figured that this had to be the stuff to use. Boy was I wrong. I fill the tank up with the gas (and yes I smelled it to make sure it was gas). Well anyway I start it back up and don't go more than five feet before the thing starts popping and smoking like crazy! First thing I do is turn the thing off. But it is continuing to run! It starting popping even louder and smoking even more. So, thinking the thing is going explode any minute on me, I gather up enough courage to pull it out into the street. It finally calmed down and I pushed it back into the yard. Later when my bf came home I told him the story. He laughed at me thinking it was exploding and then laughed at me even more because apparently I had used diesel instead of regular. Boy do I feel like a fool. So does anybody else have embarrassing mistakes they want to share?


  1. lol, I've also had a similar experience when I was 10 years old if it can confort you :D
    Anyway that was a funny story, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hahaha that would so be my type of mistake ^^

  3. sounds like something that would happen to me...

  4. how do you tell between the two anyway?
    also hello. :]