Magic and DDO

I am turning into the biggest dork lol. It is all my boyfriend's fault. First he got me playing Magic; The Gathering the card game. I got hooked. Although, his decks are most evil. I have seen him play a bunch of people and none of them have won. Until last week I had been using his decks against him. It is about a 50/50 winning ratio. I decided that I wanted to make my own deck. He did help me so I wasn't completely lost on it. I was able to beat him with it. I have come to the conclusion that even though I haven't played that long, and I get really frustrated playing him, that I would probably have fun playing somebody else. Now he has me playing DDO, which for those who may not know who what it is, is Dungeons and Dragons online. It is actually really fun too. Now, he said that he is going to get it so that we because VIP players, which is essentially pay to play peoples. I am a rogue in the game, and it is actually really fun. Now, if I could only get people to start heeding my "danger danger danger" warning and stop dying in traps...


  1. Hahaha, be careful, I've been trapped in the world of video game about the same way and now I'm like a junkie without his fix when I don't play some LoL or whatever xD

  2. tihihi Pwned by a gurl

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  4. u make it sound like its bad to play games
    id rather do this than go out drink alcohol and pretend i have some awesome social life

  5. LOL Video games sucks fot that reason!

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  6. I have a tough time with MMORPGs, one shot and I'm lost for months. Good luck!

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  7. hey man, hope your day was better than mine with one of my dogs dying.

  8. I never liked DDO. I can only play DnD in the way it's supposed to be played, in a crappy basement with a bunch of friends surrounded by coke and funyuns arguing about why someone didn't heal when they were supposed to.

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